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The Falling: A Trilogy collects together a trilogy of 
plays by Romanian-born playwright Dayana Stetco. The trilogy includes the plays Noir: A Love Story; Glissando, or the Art of Cruelty; and Q: A Tragedy. Dayana Stetco is the director of the interdisciplinary theatre group, Milena, and is a professor of English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

These are my biggest fears: that the time will come when references to the greatest stories ever written will go unnoticed; when the act of reading will be perceived as a dispensable luxury; when deep, instant connections between
people (between friends, between co-workers, between students and teachers, between strangers) will be seen as dangerous. I left Romania to live outside fear, and I refuse to think, write, and be guided by that fear now. This is why I only work with courageous, intense personalities. This is what this trilogy is about: all the characters, the stories, the readings that shaped my
understanding of the world. In Noir I recreated the world of private detectives and femmes fatales, with a touch of
the fantastic I always need to tell a story. Glissando is an homage Nostalgia and the plays of Anton Chekhov, the eternal philosopher. Q is about Don Quijote, that absurd Hidalgo, the only man I’ve ever loved completely, irrevocably, and without shame. What connects the three plays is the main character’s inability to distinguish between reality and the fantasy which becomes his refuge. Not surprisingly, then, Q ends with a warning: reality is changing sides, and we’re running out of time.  

--Dayana Stetco, Director's Notes to Q: A Tragedy

Dayana Stetco - The Falling: A Trilogy

  • Dayana Stetco - The Falling: A Trilogy
    Trade Paperback (2016), 7.5 inches x 7.5 inches, 120 pages. ISBN 978-1-329-94114-4

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