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Some praise for You're the Tower:

"You're the Tower operates in flashback and flashforward: the path that Lowe takes us on is simultaneously ethereal and yet extreme in its truth--there are beautiful marriages of nostalgia and dreambuilding, as if there is an attempt to build a new castle out of the translucent, yet incredibly visceral images of the past. Much like how the theme of 'play' exists on its own magic plane with its own rules, Lowe's work has a lovely logic that is grounded in
both heart and mystique."
- Brian Oliu, author of i/o and Enter Your Initials for Record Keeping

"In his new book of essays, Christopher Lowe presents a series of quiet reflections and profound meditations.
Whether dealing with the cruelties of middle school, the complex obligations of fatherhood, or the consolations offered by Nintendo in the wake of a parent’s death, You’re the Tower captures the elusive messiness of life, perhaps not as we’d always want it, but as we must live it.
-Neil Connelly, author of The Midlife Crisis of Commander
Invincible and The Pocket Guide to Divorce

"In You’re the Tower, Christopher Lowe perfectly evokes the dreams, the wonderment, and the occasional tragedies of childhood. His sly and inventive prose pieces capture moments at once magical, whimsical, honest, and true, all in a brief, vivid package."
- Dinty W. Moore, author of Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy

Christopher Lowe - You're the Tower: Essays

  • Christopher Lowe - You're the Tower: Essays

    Trade Paperback (2016), 6 inches x 9 inches, 40 pages. ISBN 978-1-329-81450-9

    Yellow Flag Press is excited to announce the release of our first collection of creative non-fiction, You're the Tower. Christopher Lowe explores fathers, daughters, sports, and growing up in this collection of short essays.
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